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The Hong Kong public library regular activities

The Hong Kong public library holds some regular extension activities, for example, the Reading Programme for Children and Youth. It is to stimulate the interest of children and youth in reading, to cultivate their reading habits, to widen their scope of reading and knowledge, to enhance their ability in language usage and to encourage parents' active participation in paired reading.


There is also a Hong Kong Public Libraries Reading Clubs, it has a “Teens' Reading Clubs”, to promote reading among youths and encourage them to become lifelong readers and learners of information-seeking, as well as to care for their community through reading, thinking, sharing and discussion. In addition to regular meetings, ‘Meet-the-Creators’ sessions will be arranged for members to get in touch with local authors or artists to share their experiences and works.


The Hong Kong Public Libraries Reading Clubs also has a “Family Reading Clubs”, for encouraging parents to read with their children to incubate reading interests and enjoy the fun of reading. Activities on story-telling or talk on reading skills and demonstrations will be arranged for members in addition to regular meetings.

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