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Wireless Broadband Internet Service For Trial (Macao)


To better cater for the needs of all readers, other than extending the opening hours of the Macao Central Library (Biblioteca Central de Macau sede) and Biblioteca Sir Robert Ho Tung the first six months of the year, the Wireless Broadband Internet Trial Service will be provided free of charge from the 15th of August onwards at the Macao Central Library (Biblioteca Central de Macau sede), Biblioteca Sir Robert Ho Tung and Biblioteca da llha Verde respectively.


In order to offer greater convenience to Macao residents, Macao Central Library tries the best to perfect varieties of services. Especially for keeping the rapid pace with the development of society, it offers a range of e-services; for example, the Internet accessing service in the Multi-media room, Online Book Renewal & Request, Electronic Resources Database Enquiring Service, etc. Now, Macao Central Library further provides readers with the wireless Internet service. Readers can then use the wireless broadband network system to access to the Internet easily.


Biblioteca Sir Robert Ho Tung, Biblioteca da llha Verde, which are under the command of Macao Central Library, and Macao Central Library have installed the signal transmitting devices for the wireless broadband service within the three libraries. Readers only need to bring their own electronic appliances like notebooks or PDA along to the libraries aforesaid; they can get access to the Internet trial service inside the library for free.

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