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The Hong Kong Literature Festival

First launched by the Hong Kong Public Libraries in 1997, the Hong Kong Literature Festival (HKLF) aims to promote local literature writing and reading culture by offering a wide range of literary programmes to the public. Since its fourth anniversary in 2002, the Festival has been jointly organized by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the Hong Kong Arts Development Council with enriched content and varieties. Adopting the theme ‘Living the Literary Life’, the 6th HKLF will be held from 30 June to 16 July. Up to 10 varieties of programmes will be held over a period of 17 days, offering an array of more than 40 literary activities. Do come and join us in this great event!

Literary appreciation can enhance the understanding and experience towards life, while literary writing cultivates sensitivity and reflection towards life. Unbounded by papers and books, literary works seek to transform themselves into images, ideas, sounds, concepts and feelings which become essence of culture. Concepts for literary works are ubiquitous. Sometimes they are embedded in thick classics and sometimes they just turn into words and phrases. Reading a piece of news, watching an advertisement, listening to a song, dining out, traveling, or even sending a SMS message mixed with words and symbols, we moderns can trace the elements of literature that stimulate endless creativity and interesting exchange.


Located on the 8/F and 9/F of the Hong Kong Central Library, the Central Reference Library is the main information and self-learning centre of the Hong Kong Public Libraries System, providing a wide range of reference collections and information services with a view to satisfying the information and lifelong learning needs of the community of the Hong Kong SAR.


Whilst the Central Reference Library plays a central coordinating role in the reference services delivered by the Hong Kong Public Libraries, its service is further complemented by a range of special libraries, including the Arts Resource Centre, Hong Kong Literature Room, Map Library, Basic Law Library, Creativity and Innovation Resource Centre etc.

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